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Сэндвич-ткань 3D Air Mesh Жаккардовая ткань

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Модель: K005A

Описание продукта

Спецификация сэндвич сетчатая ткань для обуви
1. Воздействие на кондиционер
2. Великолепная способность к сюрпризу
3. Дышащие
4. Рециркулируемый

Спецификация сэндвич сетчатая ткань для обуви
1. Воздействие на кондиционер
2. Великолепная способность к сюрпризу
3. Дышащие
4. Рециркулируемый

Product Name sandwich mesh fabric for shoes Item No.  K005A
Technical Data Value Tolerance Test Method
Structural Characteristics
Material composition 100% polyester
Weight(G/m²) 250g/m² ±10g/m² ISO 3801
Thickness 3.0mm ±0.3mm ISO 2062
Width 140cm    
Mechanical & Physical Performance
Additional tests
Colourfastness to sweat 3-4   IS0 105
Colourfastness to rubbing(dry & west) 3-4   ISO 105
Feature High breathability, Moistureproof, Antibiosis, Tear-resistant, Anti-static, Shrink-Resistant
Suitable for shoes / bags / sofa / cushion / mattress / toy / garment / hat / glove ….
Product Description
sandwich mesh fabric for shoes construction is a newly developed concept . The fabric surfaces are strongly connected to each other by the vertical pile fibers which are interwoven with the skins . Therefore, the sandwich mesh fabric for shoes can provide good skin-core debonding resistance, excellent durability and superior integrity. In addition, the interstitial space of the construction can be filled up wilh foams to provide synergistic support with vertical piles.
Features & Advantages
(1)Protecting the skin from the pollution of liquid and particulate, and making the skin permeable;
(2)Preventing the infection from bacterial and fungi effectively;
(3)Light texture, convenient to wash and sterilize, anti-static;
(4)good rebound elasticity, and providing Cushioning protection, easy to wash and quick drying;
(5)Containing less chemical finishing agents and fuels and no pollution , lower ignition point;
(6)Good fastness without delamination, comfortable;
(7)Good mechanical properties and chemical stability;
(8)Non-toxicity, moisture proof and mould proof, recyclable.

1)-The National Industry Standard Drafiting Unit
2)-China's Largest Mesh Fabric Production Base
3)-High-Tech Enterprises,2000 different design style
4)-About 300 Machines Include 60 Karl Mayer Machines, two monofilament line
5)-32 Senior Engineer And 8 Senior Designer
6)-Fabric Quality And Performance Testing Center
7)-Testing Report : SGS , Oeko-Tex Standard 100 , SATRA, ISO9001,ISO14000
8)-Advance EVS Fabric Quality Dectection System
9)-Month Capacity:2000TON

Sample Time: Within 10 Days.
Samples Required: Samples Are Free, But Freight Charge Collected
Packing Detail : One Roll With Two Polybags
Weeks Capacity : Four-- 40'HQ
Near Port: Xiamen Port. China
Payment Terms : T/T , L/C,West union

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